Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement (MCSO)

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Non-Emergencies, Dial (941) 747-3011

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Anna Maria Substation

Crime can be anywhere, even in the City of Anna Maria,
where getting lost in the atmosphere of being in paradise is easy. 

The overwhelming majority of criminal activity in the city occurs as a
result of the opportunity we provide to a potential criminal.
A few examples are when we leave valuables unattended on the beach, leave valuables in plain
sight in a vehicle, or leave our vehicles and homes unsecured. 

The simple preventative measure of securing our property will keep the
City of Anna Maria the paradise that we all enjoy. 

If you like it, lock it. 
If you see something, say something. 

Give us a call at 941-747-3011 to allow us the opportunity to dispel your concerns. 
You may be preventing a crime, or helping to capture a criminal.
Now, wouldn't THAT be a cool vacation story!