About Our City

About Our City

The City of Anna Maria is a residential community, situated at the northern end of Anna Maria Island. Our city is known for its world class beaches, friendly people and laid-back lifestyle. Our Island sister cities are Holmes Beach, just to our south, and Bradenton Beach, which stretches to the southern tip of the island. Holmes Beach is the largest city and the commercial center of the Island. In Bradenton Beach, more emphasis is on tourists and their activities.

Many of our city's property owners are part-time residents. The City Commission meets on the second and fourth Thursday of each month. City Commission Worksession meetings are on the second Thursday and the regular City Commission meetings are on the fourth Thursday; both meetings convene at 6:00 p.m. unless otherwise indicated.

We're proud of our wildlife in Anna Maria. The entire city is a bird sanctuary and you can see many species of water and shore birds here. Our aquatic life is remarkable too. You'll find bottlenose dolphins and manatees in our waters, and the fishing, both for sport and for the table, is excellent. Our beaches are also a prime nesting ground for endangered loggerhead turtles and many of our residents actively participate in their protection.

All in all, the City of Anna Maria is a great place to live or visit. We hope we'll be able to enhance your enjoyment of our city by providing you with time-saving tools and information here. Come see us often.

Facts & Figures - Year 2000

Population (2000 Census): 1,814
Increase from 1990: 70 (4.0%)
Registered Voters: 1,506

Total Residential Units: 1,696
Assessed Value: $339,634,851.
Single Family Homes: 1,098
Duplex: 233
3-10 Unit Buildings: 55
Condominium Units: 32
Other: 278

Average Temperature: 80.7 degrees
Average Rainfall: 37.6 inches
Average Snowfall: 0 inches.