Turtle Tips

1. If you come across an unmarked turtle nest, don’t touch it. Instead, contact Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch at 941-778-5638.

2. Always clean up your area after your trip to the beach. Even the smallest of trash can harm sea turtle hatchlings.

3. Hatchlings use the moonlight as a guide to find the water. So, make sure your lights aren’t visible from the beach or the hatchlings could mistake it for moonlight.

4. If you’re using a flashlight on the beach at night, add a red filter so that you don’t disorient nearby turtles.

5. Turn off the flash on your camera. The natural light is already perfect for pictures and it doesn’t disturb the turtles.

6. If you live on the beach, keep all seaward windows covered and turn off any lighting that can be seen from the beach.

7. Always keep an eye out for hatchlings on the beach to avoiding stepping on them.

8. Take down beach chairs, toys and anything that might hinder the hatchlings’ path to the shore.

9. You can learn more about sea turtles and their hatchlings at an interactive and fun Turtle Talk.
Visit to learn more.

10. Most importantly, have fun during turtle season.

It’s a key part of the ecosystem on Anna Maria Island and it’s also one of the most exciting times of the year. Enjoy it!