Vacation Rental Rules & Regulations

Vacation Rental Rules & Regulations

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For Vacation Rental Questions 
City of Anna Maria
Administration Office
10005 Gulf Drive
Anna Maria, FL 34216
Phone: (941) 708-6130
Registration Information Email:
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The 2023 Vacation Rental Fees have been set. Please see Resolution R23-786 below.

Applying for a Vacation Rental:
To obtain a Vacation Rental Registration you must take the following steps.  NOTE: Fees are not refundable.  Applications are available through our online portal.
Read carefully as many items have changed.
  1. Please UPLOAD all documents as listed below as they are required to be submitted annually.

    • Submit ALL the required completed Vacation Rental Registration Forms (Click form name for link to forms)
    • Payment of applicable fee.
    • A copy of the Vacation Rental's current and active license as a transient public lodging establishment with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.
    • A copy of the Vacation Rental's current and active certificate of registration with the Florida Department of Revenue.
    • Evidence of the Vacation Rental's current and active account with the Manatee County Tax Collector.
    • Exterior site sketch - This shall show and identify all structures, pools, spas, hot tubs, fencing, and uses, including areas provided for off-street parking with individual parking spaces identified.
    • Interior building sketch by floor - This shall show a floor layout identifying all bedrooms, other rooms, exits, hallways, stairways, as applicable.
    • NEW:  Annual Inspection - Schedule your inspection by emailing This email is the ONLY way to schedule the mandatory annual inspection.  Inspections will not be scheduled until all required payments and documents have been correctly submitted.
Option 1 - Click Here to submit application forms and payment electronically

NOTE:  Once the application is completed and received by our department, you may not advertise or rent the property as a New Vacation Rental until you have received written authorization from our department to proceed.  As for renewals applications, beginning April 2018, you must complete the Vacation Rental Renewal Form.  Please plan accordingly and submit your application at least 45 days prior to the expiration date of your current registration to allow enough time for the processing.

Please see the below references for all information relating to Vacation Rentals
Resolution No. R721 - FY 2016-2017 Vacation Rental Registration Fees

Resolution No. R18-734 - 2018 Vacation Rental Registration Fees

Resolution No. R19-743 - 2019 Vacation Rental Registration Fees

Resolution No. R20-757 - 2020 Vacation Rental Registration Fees

Resolution No. R21-767 - 2021 Vacation Rental Registration Fees 

Resolution No. R22-776 - 2022 Vacation Rental Registration Fees

Resolution No. R23-786 - 2023 Vacation Rental Registration Fees

Ordinance 15-807 Vacation Rental – adopted 11-19-15

Ordinance 15-807 Exhibit A

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